• Call us on: 01785 280205

  • Call us on: 01785 280205

  • Call us on: 01785 280205

Corporate Facilities and Activities

Conference Room.

Offley Grove Farm has a conference room catering for up to 24 people. Groups can use our facilities here, for a half-day morning meeting, to a multi activity conference and team building event.

Seated in the popular U-shape for presentations or training programmes, a maximum of 20 delegates can be accommodated. Self-Catering accommodation is available, and can be incorporated in your package. We can provide an overnight stay or longer if required for multi-activity conference and team building events.


Accommodation is provided in five separate holiday cottages, and although we can sleep a total of 40 people in these properties, they provide us with 15 separate bedrooms. Two extra rooms are available for B&B in the farmhouse.

Food and Drink.

Catering options are available. A hot or cold buffet lunch, plus unlimited tea and coffee through out the day is included with all conference bookings.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is difficult to answer without knowing what activities you are hoping to do, how many people want to come, and when you hope to do it. Please email us or contact us by telephone outlining your requirements, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to give you a price.

Farm Activities.

We provide a small range of activities on the farm - 4x4 Land Rover Taster Experience Course, A reverse steer vehicle and Air Rifle Shooting. They are all instructed by friendly, experienced staff. However, we can also hire in other activities if you are looking for something more.


A fun sport for all ages. The aim is to shoot the coloured target with bows and arrows. These graceful, yet deadly weapons are easy to use. After a practice to develop techniques, everyone should be hitting the target at the end of the session. Followed by a competition either individually or in a team.

Air Rifle Shooting.

Air Rifle Shooting is target shooting at its best. Can be competitive and good fun! Shoot at the static targets and spinners, arranged with varying degrees of difficulty. With the help of our experienced instructors, you will learn quickly how to hold your gun and to control your breathing as you take each shot.

Clay Shooting.

Group tuition catered for with a qualified professional instructor. Clay target Shooting - Have a go introduction, improving techniques. Lantra award 1 day Courses Safe use of shotguns Safe use of air rifles Air Rifle shoot - Have a go introduction.

Human Table Football.

The ultimate fun team game. Similar to the original pub game- only bigger! Participants act as the players, and are attached to the bars that slide from side to side. With 2 or 3 people attached to each bar, teams need a combination of skill, co-ordination and luck to score goals!

Reverse Steering.

Hilarious fun as guests try to break the driving habits of a lifetime, racing against the clock. Not as easy as you may think! When you steer the vehicle right, it goes left and vice versa. A great laugh!

Blindfold Driving.

Teams take it in turns to drive around a tight course. The driver is blindfolded and the remainder of the team shout directions and instructions. Hilarious chaos!

Off Road 4x4.

Our new activity since 2013, Offley Grove Farm 4x4 Land Rover Taster Experience is a great laugh! Drive your way through humps and bumps through the woodland and steep slopes in an old gravel pit. Providing you hold a current UK Driving licence, you can try the thrill of an off road driving experience.

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